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We render services in international transport of freights, the organizations of customs registration of freights (service of the customs representative - the customs broker) on customs terminals (warehouses of temporary storage) in various regions of Russia behind the press of the customs broker (the customs representative). 

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We can organize process of customs registration practically on any customs terminal in any region of Russia if it is necessary for the CLIENT.

We offer you:

Customs registration of freights in customs regulations import and export behind the press of the customs broker representative.

Customs registration behind the press of the customs broker (the customs representative) will relieve you of need of visit of the customs terminal (a customs post) at the statement of customs regulations (customs procedure). We will be your representative at customs.

Customs registration of goods "BELOW RISK"

Help in certification of production: obtaining certificates of origin of ST-1, certificates of conformity, declarations of compliance.

Declaring of compliance of medicines.

Transport and logistic services:

- international transport of freights motor transport;
- international transport of freights by the air transport;
- international transport of freights sea transport;
- international multi modal transportation of goods.

Combined freights

Consulting of foreign trade activities. Consultation on the questions connected with:

- foreign economic activity;
- drawing up logistic chains;
- conditions of customs registration of various freights.

Legal services:

- legal maintenance of foreign economic activity;
- legal aid at Customs disputes.


We are able to LISTEN to the clients, and the MAIN THING, always we HEAR - WHAT EXACTLY is NECESSARY for our CLIENT.

Connect-Logistic is a part of Guild of Logistic Operators of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Moscow.

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Our Contacts:

Russia, 111524, Moscow, Electrodnaya str., 9B

Phones: +7 (495) 987-22-13; +7 (495) 745-60-13